Sunday, 13 October 2013

Adonis Belt : Adonis Golden Ratio

You can see that the "V" shape in the lower abs? This is known as Adonis belt line love, sex and waist line known as Apollo. Yes, it is notoriously known as the cream panties for us women and some men. It has a strange effect and intelligent men and women stupid.

I was at the gym at night, the children own business doing my normal routine. My last 10 minutes on a stationary bike .... Wait, wait, wait. This is not about , but I have to say it once and for all , " whore abhor exercise bike ! Every time you use it, it feels jaksiedzenie is rubbing my bloody " cat "raw" . I can not imagine the effect it has on guys , it must feel like the balls are pushed far into the bladder . Okay, now that that's out of the way ( I feel better after saying it out loud ! ) , The guy who claimed that jestosobistym coach in one of the fancy gym pansy in walked in. At first he taught several friends how to use the unit weight. Unfortunately, his attention quickly turned to me . He came up to me and asked me how long I do not work? Gritting his teeth , giving me the kindest smile I told him in February this year. Then poured compliments on how great I look and it is almost unbelievable , I'm in such a good shape for a short period of time. * Cue the main eyerolls * Then he did something that normally collect rain blows on me, but because it was built like a brick wall , I just stared at him . That damn fool pinched my * ahem * love handles ! Now passengers will never EVER even a pinch of love handles women especially in public, unless the masznatychmiastowy death wish . I certainly do not oppress women , have never met before! Gritting his teeth , even more , he smiled and asked what could be done ... remember that now the song by Michael Jackson Bad playing in a loop in my head only with the lyric " Because I 'm fat , I'm fat , Come , FAT ( FAT , really, really FAT ) , you know I'm fat , I'm fat , you are you know, " and thank God that you should follow to show me some exercises that will get rid of me my * ahem * love handles and give me a very sexy " sex lines " .

"I do not want sex sexy line? It will make you look so sexy." murmured. I smiled, "Yes", but the truth is, I wanted to clobber him with the nearby bar to squeeze my bloody love handles.

So I guess what I will do in the next few days, weeks, months, or maybe my next moment of life? Yes, get rid of my love handles bloody. I would probably break the femur while trying to exercise that showed me, but hey, I do not have anyone else squeezing my love dealing with the public! So wish me luck LUV!